Welcome to Aspire-Aasmaan.

Air cargo Management

Imagine this - Dressed in a dash of colour, your lips glistening in expensive gloss, globetrotting daily with a bank account that shows a six-figure balance monthly, your head always in the clouds and your feet zipping in and out of fashion label stores and boutique hotels.

Who do you think you’ve become ?

A flight attendant, of course!

At Aspire, we invite you to change your life.

All you need is the spirit of service and a willingness to refine yourself.

We at Aspire- The Best Aviation College in Kottayam, Kerala realize the tremendous potential of young graduates focused on a lifetime of service in the travel industry. Fact is, the manpower is plenty but the makeover is inept.

Aspire aims to introduce its aspirants to the world of refinement, grace, sophistication and service with substance.

You want to be better, You start with the best!

AIMS is not just another travel and tourism institute that imparts the tried and tired methods of training.

We train you exclusively in personal grooming, etiquette and gourmet tips. We provide you a sound sense of history and culture of global hotspots.

Most of all, we instill in each of your hearts the pride of being an ambassador of Indian hospitality-The best in the world. After all, we are the only nation that believes our Guest is our God.

Why Aspire?

  • We are Aviation Experts
  • Customized curriculum, digital classrooms
  • Single course multiple certifications
  • Airport operation training at different Airport
  • Value added training programs
  • Skill Oriented trainings